Things Are Piling Up

Every mom has those weeks (months, years) where there seem to be more kids than time, more stuff than space, and more laundry than you could have ever imagined! I feel your pain sisters.

I am currently in one of those seasons. There are literal piles of work papers, home papers, a kid’s speech exercise papers and bill papers that all seem to have their own zip codes because the piles are so big. I should probably be more alarmed than I am. 

This is not really a DefCon 5 situation for me though. Being an artsy type, I need a little bit of clutter-it’s how I think and organize. Poor Mr. Wonderful is a different story though.

He’s retired military and is used to things being just so and shipshape and in good working condition. Alas, our family is none of those things. 

However, I say that with joy. My kids don’t have to be perfect for me-I am by far no example of perfection or organization. Some days I’m pretty sure I’m barely an example of mediocre, but again, I’m ok with that.

My kids just know that I only expect them to try their best. Work hard, be kind, show grace. Have gratitude. In fact, I think that the intersection of grace and gratitude is where a lot of cool stuff really starts to happen, especially inside a family.

Where grace and gratitude meet is where forgiveness starts. Where appreciation is shown. Where encouragement happens. These are all good things as far as a family is concerned. These are the oily fluids that keep family dynamics lubricated and functioning. When our spirits get gummed up with a lack of grace or gratitude stuff gets stuck. Gets gross. Gets broken.

Mr. Wonderful probably has to bite his tongue when I get creative with time management or when the paper avalanche created in our bedroom (because hey, it’s almost tax season as well!) threatens to tumble. He probably has other things planned to accomplish when I suggest playing hooky. But he shows me grace and is grateful that I’m the CFO of the family. And I don’t have to twist his arm too hard to get him to play hooky.

Grace shown leads to gratitude. I’m shown grace by my Heavenly Father, which then gets spread all over my family because of my gratitude. Sometimes the only difference between me thinking I’m having a good day versus me believing it’s rotten is my gratitude.

Frankly, things are piling up: bills, outgrown clothes, clean clothes, To Do Lists, children. I also have some other things piling up: love, joy, great memories, fun times, pictures, happiness. 

I guess when I focus on the right piles, my life seems pretty sweet.

Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


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