A Few Small Things 

Practicing Gratitudinist: noun. One who finds something to be happy about no matter the circumstance. 

After my unraveling yesterday, I decided I better get to gettin’ as my grandpa used to say. That can mean a variety of things in the south. It can mean move along or take care of business or, in my case, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

So I got.

Today I woke up determined. I was going to keep busy and accomplish something until I felt the tide turning. First thing on the list: start cleaning my stanky house. For the uninitiated, stanky is the next level of stink. It’s what happens to your house when you have four kids, leave for a trip, get back, take one look at your house and decide burning it down might be easier.

Sidebar: I wish I had a house cleaner. I’m currently praying for one because that would be awesome!

The three year old and Mr. Wonderful joined in. We managed to clean the bathrooms of our house, get some vacuuming done and even a load of laundry finished. I didn’t say put away, don’t be too impressed. 

We also managed to pick up a nice credenza, eat some delicious food and get in a workout. 

This may not sound like much to some of you über-achievers but to me, it was just enough to kick start my creativity, my smile and my good feelings about my life.  And that was what I needed to remind myself how blessed I am.

Here’s my Top 8 Reasons I Love My Life:

-I got to take this week off

-I watched my 16 month old dance as he Frankenstein-walked through the house

-Mr. Wonderful had a good day. A good day. This is a big freakin’ deal.

-Charlie the Service Dog is so smart and is bringing calm to our house.

-My three year old smothered me with kisses.

-I have my first book store book signing event tomorrow (because I wrote a book called My Pink Champagne Life available here!)

-My older two boys, called The Bigs at our house, can dress and feed themselves and are potty trained. Again, this is a big freakin’ deal.

-Today is the first day of Spring. Oh, how I’ve missed you, lovely lady! Come early and stay late, won’t you?

Yep, I’m a practicing Gratitudinist.

Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


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