Cornucopia of Thoughts from Today

Missing the Bigs-my two oldest boys from a previous marriage. They’re at their dad’s this week for spring break and I. Hate. That. Hard to share and be away from my babies. This Mama really likes all her chicks to be in the nest. Wonder if they’ll let me move in with them when they go off to college.

My first book store book signing event was today…and I forgot pens! Rookie mistake. But it was cool to be in my favorite local independent book store where My Pink Champagne Life is now for sale (along with online booksellers like and It was the second time I’ve felt like a real author. The first was when I held my published book in my hands for the first time. Cra-azy!

Mr. Wonderful went waaaaaaay above and beyond his comfort zone to bring the Littles to the event-no easy task for anyone, much less a guy with PTSD who isn’t crazy about crowds or narrow spaces or people loudness. It made my day!


(Mr. Wonderful making the rounds, even with the stroller.) 

Enjoyed catching up with old friends. There is something very special about spending time with either 1) someone you’ve known for a long time or 2) someone you’ve watched grow into an adult. The former is great because they know all your secrets and still love you, even if you haven’t seen each other for awhile. The latter is fun because you get to see how someone turned out and when they’re awesome it makes your heart smile.

Went for pizza at our fave spot-all I can say is bacon wrapped cheese filled jalapeños are a-MAH-zing!

Today was a pretty good day. It felt like confirmation that I’m headed the right way.



(Photo credits Meredith Shafer 2015) Would you look at all those gorgeous books? I want to live here!

Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


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