Versatile Blogger Award

I’m feeling awesome as I was just nominated for my first award, the Versatile Blogger Award! Many, many thanks to for the nomination! You should go check out her blog when you can.

So the rules are: 

1) Acknowledge the blog that nominated you

2) Tell 7 facts about yourself

3) Nominate blogs you like or follow for the award

As for the 7 facts, here we go:

-I’m directionally challenged. Throw me in the middle of any large city and I’ll show you its Bermuda Triangle of roads (aka, where I would consistently get lost) within ten minutes.

-I love cupcakes! So much that I dedicated a chapter to the luscious little treats in my book (shameless plug!).

-I met my husband Mr. Wonderful, who is built like an NFL linebacker through ballroom dancing. He is the one of us who is a certified ballroom dance instructor.

-There are four kids who call me Mama (more if they have friends over). Two are adopted, two are biological, all are ridiculously hilarious and adoringly loved.

-For fifteen years I didn’t eat meat. Then I got pregnant with our youngest whom we still call Bacon. Guess what I was craving for nine months?

-I have a music degree and a law degree but I’d rather write books.

-My marriage proposal from Mr. Wonderful contained both a rodeo clown and a jumbotron. Not many gals can say that!

As for my nominations, since I’m always late to the party, humor me if you’ve already been nominated. In fact, as these are all amazing blogs, I’m sure you’ve been nominated but just go with it!

Go check out these wonderful blogs and read about some amazing people doing life well. Blessings!

©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015

21 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your nomination – and thanks for nominating me 🙂 I love your blog and sense of humour, as soon as I see one of your posts pop up in my feed, I know I’m going to enjoy it! I will definitely check out the other blogs, thanks for sharing the love x

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  2. I love these thins because they take us out of our normal writing and often offer silly little glimpses into each others lives that we’d otherwise have no idea about. Thanks so much for the nomination! You are too kind.
    And, thanks for a list of new blogs to check out! I know what I will be doing tomorrow morning. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for the nomination also♥ I won’t be able to participate though…boo hoo (one of the boundaries I’ve had to set so that I don’t get too overwhelmed, too into blogging and not dealing with my every day life because my life here just seems so much more…blush blush). I do appreciate you thought. I was just telling Abba as I stare at your profile pic,..”Lord, I really love that girl”…Your a blessing warrior princess sister, daughter of the most high God and I’m so thankful He brought our paths together♥

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      • I’ve been doing ‘this’, msn groups, than blogger and now wordpress since 2000. Let’s say sticking to my boundaries is more pleasing to Abba than me pleasing others. The fear of rejection from ‘man’ was very difficult for me to be released from.Praising God for freedom and continued freedom in that. I SO related to your ‘rejection’ post..I went through something similar that very day I read it and thought..’wow Father God, thank You for helping us through this’…♥
        I’m honored and felt like God gave me a great big hug for that nomination. A test also..what was I going to, I got a+…lol.


  4. congratulations… Good one.A new poem The Mystery Of Death is waiting for you .I hope you will like it… Please do visit my blog too as i am a beginner blogger and hope every love and support from you.I hope you will like it.Thank you

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