We Remember-April, 19, 1995

Today marks the 20th anniversary of an event that rocked my innocence, my state, and our nation-the Oklahoma City bombing. This horrible moment that left scars on our people and our downtown and our state also brought about a thing called the Oklahoma Standard.  (Photo credit Wikipedia.org)

This standard of care helped write the national book on both how to handle recovery efforts and how to create an amazing remembrance memorializing the heroism, loss and recovery from tragedy.

We lost 168 innocent people that day; 19 of them were children.   (Photo credit Charles Porter)

Over 800 were wounded. An act of terrorism that tried to steal our well-being, our sense of self and security failed. It hurt us, but it did not keep us down.

 (Photo credit karashall.blogspot.com)

We know hard times here. But we are survivors. And others have learned from us. When 9/11 happened, rescuers from Oklahoma were sent to help with recovery because they had been through it. We introduced our Oklahoma Standard to others to help bring peace and hope.

There isn’t much I can write to add anything to the anniversary. I just want the first responders, those wounded and still recovering, and those who lost loved ones to know you are not forgotten. 

We are celebrating today, celebrating how far we have come, how much we’ve learned about ourselves, celebrating and remembering the lives lost and the heroes formed from ordinary people that day and the days and weeks following. (Photo credit unknown)

Marking the spot where tragedy happened there is now a beautiful beacon of hope. The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial is an incredible testament of healing. Horrible scarred buildings and earth were transformed into a place of peace, with our Survivor Tree, reflecting pool and remembrances of each person.

  (Photo credit Flickr.com)

I’m proud to call myself an Oklahoman. God bless Oklahoma and God bless the United Statea of America.

©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


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