Spring Cleaning

I was inspired today. 

I’m no Domestic Goddess (I get into this much more in depth in my book), but every few years I get the urge to really clean up. It’s like a unicorn or a silent child-probably mythical but there’s always the possibility they exist.

Feeling a little Out of Sorts lately I decided the only way to bust outta the funk was to clean my house to see if I could find my mojo laying around somewhere. 

So I enlisted the help of my minions, luring them with promises of eating out and the look on Mr. Wonderful’s face when he came home to a sparkling home. I told them Daddy would be so surprised he might think he was at our neighbor’s house.

They thought that was hilarious.

We worked our boo-TAYS off! I really loathe cleaning and organizing, preferring to make artistic chaos and mayhem generally involving glitter or paint or some such ingredients. 

But this felt surprisingly good today. We were all busting with pride at our newly cleaned home with our lovely flowers in window boxes and vacuumed floors-

Sidebar: do you know how much dog hair I collected today?!?

I feel a sense of peace. Relief. Like, whew! At least one thing is going right in my world. One place I can feel like I’m not spinning out of control or in the middle of a tangled web. And it’s my house!

To those of you who are awesome at house cleaning this probably makes no sense to you but just trust me. This is like the Halley’s Comet (coming back around in 2061!) of house cleaning moments for me; a cleaning extravaganza never to be repeated. Anyone who knows me should come over quick before its a wreck again.

I’d say you have about seventeen seconds.

(photo credit lovethehomeyouhave.com) 

©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Meredith you have a knack with words. Who needs to be good at cleaning when you can write your way out of it? Glad you got some cleaning done. Instead of inviting ppl over for 17 secs…how about you just take a pic? It’ll last longer!

    Liked by 1 person

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