I love this picture.

This is a four generation span of family, my children with my Grandma Ginger, making her their great grandma.

She’s been one of my Sheroes long before I knew what a Shero was. She and my Grandpa were married for over 60 years. She was a Depression era kid. She found her inner artist at sixty and became a prolific painter, reminding me it’s never too late.

She’s funny-I mean tears rolling down your face funny. And smart. She and my Grandpa managed to put a couple of kids through college and retire, without fancy college degrees or investment brokers. And did I mention her love of shoes? It definitely runs in the family.

I dedicate a whole chapter of my book (which is on sale at Amazon for a limited time, just sayin’) to this lady. She’s one-of-a-kind, and even though my Grandpa passed on a few years ago and she’s lost a little of her spark without her other half, she’s still awesome.

And I’m so happy that she’s still going strong in her 90s. Yes, her 90s. (Doesn’t she look great?!) My kids are getting to know this treasure and getting to learn things from a woman who remembers when people still rode horses and when World War II took too many of our brave boys and when Civil Rights were introduced into law and when people landed on the moon. I could go on and on-she’s a walking history lesson.

But I’ll just say this lady is someone special to everyone who knows her. I wish that everyone could have a Grandma Ginger.

(Photo credit Meredith Shafer) ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015


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