They’ll Be So Surprised

I fully admit it: I do mornings poorly. I’m not able to adequately function until after my second cup of coffee and that means the kids are on their way out the door by that point.

I’m trying to turn mornings around. Maybe I can’t tell them coherently how much I adore them or think they’re special in the wee hours. I’m not great at communicating til the java kicks in so my mumblings and grumblings probably don’t convince them that I think I have the four coolest kids on the planet.

So I’m leaving them notes that they’ll see when they first come downstairs for breakfast. I know fully 50% of them don’t read yet but that’s what big brothers are for.

And my hope is that they’ll tuck a spark of sunshine from Mama in their little hearts for later and it will remind them while they’re away that I love them so much. And that I think they’re the absolute best.


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