Curve in the Road

Sometimes in life there are curves we can’t see around-that’s when we step out in faith.

Faith is a hard thing, a big thing. We like to see what’s coming around the bend so we can make our plans. Figure out what’s next. Get prepared.

But sometimes, we just have to be.

Are you in a hard place facing hard things today? You are not alone. 

I’ll say it again: You. Are not. Alone.

What is requiring a little more faith than you have today? 

(Photo credit Meredith Shafer 2015) ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015

8 thoughts on “Curve in the Road

  1. I wouldn’t say that anything “hard” is requiring a lot of faith right now, but there are some personal things I’m not used to dealing with that are causing me to have a lot of faith and so far everything has been amazing.

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