I’ve been a little MIA on my blog lately. I haven’t written as much, I haven’t been to visit the other truly lovely blogs I enjoy following, I haven’t commented. I’ve missed y’all and apologize for my lackadaisical appearance here at My Pink Champagne Life!

I’ve been in full-on author mode lately. That feels weird to say, but I’ve been slacking here because of the demands of my new gig, authoring. I’ll admit I was a bit naive to the amount of work I would be doing! I’ve had several weekends of book signings in a row and I’m working on a second book that’s not even close to halfway finished even though we’re halfway through the year and a January deadline is rapidly approaching. 

And honestly, the seven year old basketball games and kid dental surgeries and arguing with the insurance company and figuring out life insurance (still) and four year old tantrums and Baby Houdini who has figured out how to let himself and the dog outside and the whole keeping-a-close-eye-on-the-eleven-year-old-who-is-growing-up-way-too-fast thing have just filled my world to the brim. 


In a good way. 

 My family is my muse. I write because they give me so many moments I want to hold on to, so many memories that I absolutely must document so I’ll remember, and so many joys that I can barely contain them.My life may be full but it is filled with my crazy. The crazy I own, that I wake up grateful for every day.  

 So I’m sorry I’ve been slacking, but these guys are so worth it! 

(Photo credit Meredith Shafer) Β©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015

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17 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. I think we all go through phases when life just gets busier and our priorities and to do list gets reshuffled. That’s just life. Mine for example, was going to be a busy week getting stuff done that has been on my list of jobs to tackle for weeks, I finally cleared some time to tackle them. Then our toddler got croup, and none of us are sleeping, so the list of jobs I was going to tackle went out the window! There’s always next week…

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  2. Don’t be sorry. Life happens, and sometimes life is more important. I haven’t updated in weeks. I just started a new job so I am also finding it extremely hard to find time to write my own content as well as keep up with blogs. I’m on the computer 7 hours a day M-F so when I get home I don’t want to be looking at the computer anymore lol.

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