Happy 4th of July

For those of us stateside today is a day for barbeques, fireworks and swimming pools. It’s a holiday to celebrate how awesome our country still is and how we’ve still got lots of great thing a going on. 

(photo credit pinkmakestheboyswink.tumblr.com)

For some military families it means another holiday celebrated separately. One is deployed and the other is keeping the Homefront running smoothly.

For military families like ours, we’re just trying to survive. We didn’t know when we moved to our new home last year that our county was one that allows the shooting of fireworks. Apparently at any time. Even in our neighborhood.

So for three weeks now we’ve battened down the hatches and tried to distract the guy who gets triggered pretty good by fireworks-they sound an awful lot like gunshots and explosions. Which take Mr. Wonderful right back to his time overseas. Which was both some of his best times with his band of brothers and some of his worst.

So we have a sign in our window, not because we don’t want people to celebrate, but because we want people to remember the reason there’s celebration in the first place and how so many have sacrificed for the freedoms we celebrate today. 

Sign furnished free of charge by militarywithPTSD.com-thank you!

We love America. Or ‘Merica. We appreciate our freedoms provided to us by people who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We celebrate, we barbeque, we may even go for a swim. 

(Photo credit acommonplacebook.com)

But we won’t be shooting off any fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July y’all!

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