Calling All Techies!

My WordPress app isn’t working on my phone! This is a disaster as I write all my blog posts from my phone in between taking kids to therapy appointments, ballgames, sno cone runs and the like. And also because I’m so technologically challenged that I’m scared to try and fix it😁😁😁

Anyone out there who can walk me through what I should do? I have an iPhone if that helps anything…

Thanks in advance!

(Photo credit ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015

15 thoughts on “Calling All Techies!

  1. My phone app has never worked well, but I prefer my keyboard to the touch pad for anything more than a few lines. I am painfully slow at it. My typing isn’t great, but it’s better than my hunting and pecking. I hope that you find some good advice.

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  2. I’m not a techie but you could try deleting the app on your phone and then downloading it again. It’s worked for some app problems I’ve had. Or go to an iPhone store, bestbuy ,verizon, etc and ask them to fix it. I’ve done that too

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  3. My app has been acting wonky lately too. I keep watching to see if there are any updates (iPhone too). I guess I’m not much help other than to say, me too! Lol

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