It’s no accident. No coincidence. No fluke that there are certain things you love, things that you’ll lose sleep just to do them. They are the passions that make you forget to eat, make you late, haunt your waking and sleeping.

God planted those dreams, those ideas within you for a purpose. No other person will have identical seeds-what’s planted in you is up to you. You can ignore it, fill that space with other things. Stuff that doesn’t matter, doesn’t fulfill you, doesn’t make the difference you could be to the world.You can either answer the call or hang up. Open the door or close it. Live the dream or go back to sleep. You get to choose. 

And if you do nothing with it, believe me, you are making a choice.

#choices #motivation #livingthedream #answerthecall

(Photo credit Twitter) ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015 

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2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Well said! Thanks for the reminder that everyday life is full of choices and if we don’t consciously think about it, we can miss out on some opportunities. Love your posts! Keep sharing the love!

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