Transition. Sigh.

I’ve been avoiding thinking about it all summer but now it’s here: my baby is starting middle school tomorrow and I am not ok with this.

I met this kid for the first time in an airport when he was five months old-this was only about five minutes ago, I’m certain of it. And now my budding almost teen little old man is one step closer to becoming an actual man and I find that I am weepy and weird and generally in denial about this first.

Any other Mamas (and Dads) out there feel me? Is anyone else waking up to find themselves on the business side of a kid transition? Any other parent just trying to keep it together, proud one moment and wishing for time to stop the next?

Sigh. It’s here and there are many more transitions to come. I’m sure I will handle them all pretty much curled up in the fetal position eating cupcakes while looking through photo albums. Who’s with me?  #middleschool #Imnotready #hecantwait #hewillcombhishairtomorrow

8 thoughts on “Transition. Sigh.

  1. Lord yes! My daughter started middle school last week, and I’ve transitioned from cool-at least I thought so- mom to full on insane mom. And I’m pretty sure I have been driving her insane as well with all my talks of making good choices, good friends, avoid peer pressure, etc. I hate to think that high school is just around the corner.

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  2. I just sent my first to kindergarten this week and I finally get it. I get the tears and the stress and the desire to just have it behind you, but not. It’s all just hard and awesome in the same breath.

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