I was privileged to speak at a ladies’ staff retreat yesterday. These beautiful ladies were kind and thoughtful, hard working and some were in the midst of the biggest storms they had ever faced.

I can identify.

When in the middle of the storm, often all you can see is the devastation around you. You can’t see a way out, an end, a lifeline. It seems overwhelming and there’s a good chance you may go under.

To those ladies, and to anyone else out there who finds themselves in the midst of the hard or scary or impossible let me offer some encouragement: wait it out. This stormy season is only temporary. Though it feels daunting the storms can’t last forever and soon you will find yourself in a new season. Stronger and braver than you were before.



You don’t have to face the storms alone. You can reach your hand out to the One who calms the storms with his voice and take refuge. Find his peace and hope, even in the middle of the mess you find yourself in.

(Photo credit (©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015)

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