I cannot express my gratitude for Friday after this week! It’s like a long lost friend who has finally arrived for the weekend. You know those friends–the ones who make you laugh til you cry and give your heart the warm fuzzies. 

Oh Friday, thank God you’re here!

Since my Bigs (the older two boys) go to their dad’s house every other weekend, we have declared their Fridays here to be designated as Fort Fridays. This really means my living room will be trashed by the copious amounts of blankets, toys and food strewn about, but it’s something they look forward to.

With Christmas getting closer something dawned on me recently that has shaken me to my core. This Christmas my Bigs are with me. I love it when all my babies are in the nest. But since I get them every other year and my oldest is twelve, I have three more Christmases where I can count on them all being here.

Oh no! Where did my time go?

I’m not ready to think about when they have families and in laws and make holiday plans of their own. I’m not ready to have to share my little humans with anyone yet, although I’m getting some unwanted practice at this already.

Time passes so quickly when you have children as your measurement of it. I rail against this on a near-daily (sometimes hourly) basis because as hard as things are at times for our family, I love this life God’s blessed me with and I can’t imagine it being different.

I’m learning to live fully in this present moment. To let it ripen and be everything it was meant to be. That takes some patience in the trials of things. Being present. Appreciating this exact moment.

Even if it’s not Friday.

Or Christmas.

Or whatever you could put here that represents your ecstatic moments. Right here is good. 

Right here is exactly right.

(Photo credit Hub Pages) ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015

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3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. That’s so lovely that your kids will be with you this christmas, I hope it’s a wonderful one for you all. I am already getting excited as well even though it’s still early! Your writing is lovely,by the way. And congrats on your book, wow!!!

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