Welcome December!

 (Photo credit pennielily.tumblr.com) 

We did it! We got our Christmas tree up before the week before. And it was kind of a miracle–we found two tree parts but neither was complete. We were going to have to have a mixed tree but then the eight year old checked in the “basement” (he meant the attic–we don’t have a basement) and voila. One complete tree.

There were a few meltdowns (on my part), two seriously shattered ornaments, some Christmas music and kids putting things everywhere they shouldn’t but we somehow managed. And I’m sure the baby–I mean now two year old–will have his way with the ornaments left too low. I guess it’s about time I stop calling him the baby. In my defense I just don’t want to.

The top part of the tree is pretty good, the bottom is sparse and it looks like a kindergarten art class threw up all over it. I can’t help it–I’m sentimental. I have saved every macaroni ornament and handprint reindeer my kids have ever made. With four kids that’s a lot of macaroni. 

 (Photo credit Meredith Shafer)

And I think it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome December!

  1. Christmas trees that are pictured in magazines, themed and color coordinated, are beautiful, BUT a tree like yours shouts love sweet memories of little hands and faces. BTW, teachers can afford macaroni and spray paint;-)

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