Wild Hair Weekend

I’ve been on a tear lately. 

In the last four years of our lives we’ve had two (more) babies, moved three times, gotten sober, received a PTSD and TBI diagnosis, gotten medically retired from the military, begun ADHD testing and occupational/speech therapy, began learning trombone and gotten a book published. 

Needless to say, because of all of the aforementioned crazy, things are a mess.

I’m not just talking dirt. I’m talking clutter, chaos, scootching things under things so I don’t have to look at them, dingy windows and souls, broken toys and hearts. There have been ruined clothes and dreams. Messy fingers, faces, rooms and lives.  

 Now that we feel more structurally sound I feel capable of tackling all of those messes I haven’t had time to work on. Now that we don’t feel like any mildly rushing wind will blow us over, I feel ready. It’s amazing what a shored-up foundation will do for a person.

As the caretaker of the bunch, even though organization is not my gift, I am trying. At first I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of additional stuff I really needed to tackle. I have a lot of daily things that have to happen to get work done and children fed and clothed and bills paid and doctors visited. 

Why on earth would I take on more?

This is the question Mr. Wonderful posed to me just this weekend. He couldn’t figure out why I was hustling and bustling about the house. And as y’all probably know, once you begin a project it somehow creates three additional projects. The cycle is exhausting so I admit, I see his point.

But in taking on our master bedroom closet, I had a little closet epiphany: bit by bit, these Wild Hair Weekends as Mr. Wonderful calls them (the ones where I get in a frenzy to get something accomplished) are really just my way of taking my life back.

Over the last four years, I have been undone and unsettled. 


More life change has happened during that time than any other time put together. So I keep reminding myself that the messes that are all around me are pretty normal and I have to tackle them one at a time. Easy does it. Bit by bit. 

 (photo credit femaleentreprenuersassociation.com)

It’s taken a while to get this through to my stubborn self: you mean I can’t be Wonder Woman and just make it work out right now? One snap of my silver bracelets and evil is vanquished? 

 (photo credit wonderwomanfans.tumblr.com)

I wish.

This is why the Wild Hair Weekends exist. Not just to put our family back in order but to get my soul back in order too. To give myself breathing space and sweep out the cobwebs, both literal and figurative. To lessen the clutter and free myself of the baggage.

The struggle is real, but it will be so worth it. 

At least that’s what I’m telling myself….  (Photo credit Meredith Shafer)–My latest project, a desk for my office. I’ll post pics when I’m done.

©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015. Swing by Instagram and Twitter to say hi!

8 thoughts on “Wild Hair Weekend

  1. The struggle is real, but it will be so worth it. ….amen amen amen….oh and that desk…heart be still. Can’t wait to see how it turns out..hoot hoot. Way to go girl. I’ve been doing some painting lately too…LOVED this post. the struggle is SO real and hard but sooooooooooooooooooooo worth it..we got this…bit by bit, step by step.

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  2. Just remember, you are in charge of your calendar, and you have to make room for you on it too. Happy Mommie, happy family.
    I’m not condemning projects, if they feel good, do them, just make sure you are taking care of the care taker. The clutter will be gone before you know it, and you will miss the toys, the torn shirts, and trombones.
    A clean home, only gets dirty again especially if a family lives in it.

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  3. “And as y’all probably know, once you begin a project it somehow creates three additional projects.” That must truly be one of Murphy’s Laws which we will rename as one of “Meredith’s Laws.” Regardless, it is true. How many things have to be done in order to be able to do the one thing you started out to do??? When all is said and done, if you can hang in there, you accomplish 4 things. Good post!

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  4. LOL I completely relate. There’s something so freeing about making my way through my overwhelming clutter. It is such a shame that this does always involve stumbling into four or more other projects I really don’t want to tackle. 😉 G-uno

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