Top 10 Things I Forgot About Being a Kid

I’ve been pondering some big things lately. 

Mr. Wonderful had to be gone for a few days. This means I’ve been spending even more time with my kids. (How is that even possible? I work from home!) It also means Mama’s in charge of meals, a terrifying prospect. I’m in that weird zone where kid rules are starting to make more sense to me than grownup ones. A little Playground Justice might do us all some good.

Let me start this list off with a disclaimer: since I’ve been under the influence of children for so many days, though this would make sense to a seven year old, it may not make sense to you. 

Let me also say I miss Mr. Wonderful. Sigh.

Since I forgot to do a Top 10 Tuesday List (due to the aforementioned extra time with kids I’m sure), here’s one for Thursday, even though it doesn’t sound as good. Here are the Top 10 Things I Forgot About Being a Kid:

1. Dancing Can Solve Nearly Everything. Having a bad day? Throw on some tunes and dance those problems away. Doesn’t matter where you are, just bust a move.

2. Skip Everywhere. Or Jump, Flip, or Twirl. Why walk when you can do anything but? I even have a kid who occasionally must do a cartwheel out of sheer joy.

3. Clothing Is Optional. Clothing is really just an accessory, like earrings or hair bow. This means epic battles at our house as I try to convince whoever’s decided to be The Nudist that we really must wear clothes in public.

4. Anything Can Be a Toy. Doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of trash found in the neighbor’s yard or a nightlight (I’ll have to do a post solely on this terrifying moment that happened just yesterday), it will be turned into a spaceship or a pet before you can say, “Is that a diaper?”

5. Anything Can Be a Weapon. Kids don’t always get along with their brothers and sisters. Sometimes a weapon is necessary to get your point across. Especially if you’re one of the littler ones. I have a seventeen-month-old perfecting his aim with projectiles of any type: cups, binkies, motorcycles. If he wants your attention or if you took away his toy pay attention or you may get smacked in the head.

6. Lots of Noise is Preferred. And all the time if you don’t mind. Singing nonsensical syllables (over and over and OVER) or banging a toy against something your Mama dearly loves or screaming because you thought you saw a spider (lint from the dryer) and then continuing because it just felt right is how these kids roll. 

7. Ask Questions. Constantly. And be sure they are question that actual rocket scientists haven’t discovered answers to. Why does my arm do this? Does God have a beard? When will I get hair on my face like Daddy? (Hopefully never, you’re a girl.) What does heaven look like? I’ve estimated through complex parenting math formulas that I answer about 32,459 questions every day. And one of my four still doesn’t say much…

8. I am Awesome. Kids just look in the mirror and like what they see. They think they pretty much rule in the looks department. And they do. We could all learn from this kind of confidence. Which leads us back to #3 and Mama harshing their vibe when I try to enforce the “clothing in public” rule.

9. The Only Things to Fear Is the Dark. There’s no such thing as bad bosses or mortgages or economic crises in the lives of kids. There’s no worry about strangers or people with guns or deadlines. There’s just the dark and all that can be conjured up with a vivid imagination. And the cure for that fear is always the light. I think there’s a lesson in there for grownups too.

10. Everything is Hilarious. Laughing all the time, even while sleeping, is par for the kid course. The baby hurling projectiles? Funny. Farting? Drop to the floor hilarious. Making monkey faces? Ok, stop, they can’t breathe! There is something to smile about in every situation. Another lesson, I’m just saying.

I’m remembering a lot of things I’ve forgotten. Important things, it seems. Good thing I have these four munchkins to remind me.

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