30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 23-25

I’m a little late but I’m grateful for
-my job: it’s so flexible I can manage (most days) the chaos of my traveling circus

-my home: it’s warm and cozy and despite the mess, it’s where my ❤️ is

-watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with my kiddos 
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Give Yourself a Break

I hate to say it, but we’re starting off this week a little rough. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the anticipated break but yesterday and this morning have wrung me out to the core. 

There’s no one thing; it’s just the pile of things that weighs me down. Anyone else? 

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Between the late night taking Charlie the Service Dog to the doggy ER (probable abscessed tooth, we’re following up with our regular vet today) and not hitting my caffeine limit yet today, I’m dragging booty. And of course I’m not super happy about spending money on doggy dental right before Christmas.


No longer can I party at the doggy ER all night then wake up super early to get four kids out the door. Remember those days? Some of you are still living them but I’m older now and I can’t do it. Back in the day I could stay up all night, grab breakfast with no sleep and head to class where my brain would still function pretty well.

Even a few years (and a few kids) ago, I could be up with a baby most of the night, hit the coffee hard and still make sound decisions at work.

Now–not so much.

Let’s just say there’s not enough coffee in the world today to make me feel comfortable doing much with the money/number side of my job. I’ll be doing things like checking the mail and returning phone calls and scheduling site visits. And I’ll take it easy on myself and continue to caffeinate.

And remind myself that I’m doing the best I can. 

Sometimes that’s the most kind thing we can do for ourselves. Keeping things in perspective, not talking bad to or about ourselves just because it’s a rocky start or a hard day. We can turn our own days around just by giving ourselves a break. 

 (photo credit Pommel Lane)

Don’t wait for anyone else to do it for you. No matter what you’re walking through or towards today, do your best and forget the rest. And then give yourself a break, remind yourself there are new mercies for all of us everyday, and live in peace despite your circumstances.

Take a minute. Breathe. Drink coffee. 

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This is my plan before I tackle the rest of my day. And no matter the outcomes of all the crazy I have going on, it will still be a blessed day.  

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I hope yours is too, friends.

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 15

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My parents. They raised three kids while working full time, instilled values, work ethic and helped mold our faith and character. And now as grandparents they are involved in my kids’ lives and are part of their fabric. 

They are both technically senior citizens, so can I just say they don’t look or act their ages?! I hope I can live a life as full of faith, service to others, and making the most of every day like they do. I know not everyone gets to have their parents around or in their lives or be close–this makes me even more grateful. Love and appreciate y’all so much! 

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Fab Friday

 I’ve regrouped after a rough day-it’s Friday people! Let’s go out into the world and shake things up a bit! Today can be the day you change your life, your mind, your circumstances. What are you waiting for? It’s time to go be awesome! 

Have a blessed day friends!

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Give It Away

It’s nearly Easter and this usually turns me inside out for some self-introspection. I love Easter-it takes place in spring, it’s a time of renewal and joy and making things new. A spiritual clean slate.

Along with newness I feel like cleaning up. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to give things away: from my home, in my work, from my heart. Unfortunately, for years, I was the wrong kind of giver. 

I gave away parts of myself that I shouldn’t have or gave with strings attached. I gave the wrong things to the wrong people because of a need to be liked or loved or perceived in a certain way.

That’s not true giving.

Now that I’m (finally) more comfortable in my own skin, I realize that giving away of one’s time, money, gifts, talents, heart or soul are big responsibilities. Ones that shouldn’t be taken lightly, for yourself or the recipient.

For me, giving now comes from the overflow of my life. The more blessed I become, the more I must give away. Not out of obligation, of course. But because this light shining in me is meant to be shared and I have more than enough to give away. It overflows from the new mercies granted to me every morning when I wake up.

No longer do I have to give away my pride or dreams or hopes for the future. I just give God’s love as freely as he has given it to me. I become its conduit as it flows through me, created by the joy I have, the gratitude I have for this life I’m living. Even though there are hard days and impossible days I can still do them all because of the God that lives in and strengthens me.

Today the thing I feel the need to give away most is encouragement. I may be a more “mature” cheerleader than you’re used to hearing from, but whatever that thing is that you’re facing, that hill or mountain or seemingly unsolvable situation, I have four simple words for you: You can do this

And once you do, you’re going to feel some overflow of gratitude. Some multiplication of lightness and joy unexplainable by mathematical equations that bubbles over and spreads into every crevice of your world and heart and mind.

What are you being asked to give away today?

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A Few Small Things 

Practicing Gratitudinist: noun. One who finds something to be happy about no matter the circumstance. 

After my unraveling yesterday, I decided I better get to gettin’ as my grandpa used to say. That can mean a variety of things in the south. It can mean move along or take care of business or, in my case, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

So I got.

Today I woke up determined. I was going to keep busy and accomplish something until I felt the tide turning. First thing on the list: start cleaning my stanky house. For the uninitiated, stanky is the next level of stink. It’s what happens to your house when you have four kids, leave for a trip, get back, take one look at your house and decide burning it down might be easier.

Sidebar: I wish I had a house cleaner. I’m currently praying for one because that would be awesome!

The three year old and Mr. Wonderful joined in. We managed to clean the bathrooms of our house, get some vacuuming done and even a load of laundry finished. I didn’t say put away, don’t be too impressed. 

We also managed to pick up a nice credenza, eat some delicious food and get in a workout. 

This may not sound like much to some of you über-achievers but to me, it was just enough to kick start my creativity, my smile and my good feelings about my life.  And that was what I needed to remind myself how blessed I am.

Here’s my Top 8 Reasons I Love My Life:

-I got to take this week off

-I watched my 16 month old dance as he Frankenstein-walked through the house

-Mr. Wonderful had a good day. A good day. This is a big freakin’ deal.

-Charlie the Service Dog is so smart and is bringing calm to our house.

-My three year old smothered me with kisses.

-I have my first book store book signing event tomorrow (because I wrote a book called My Pink Champagne Life available here!)

-My older two boys, called The Bigs at our house, can dress and feed themselves and are potty trained. Again, this is a big freakin’ deal.

-Today is the first day of Spring. Oh, how I’ve missed you, lovely lady! Come early and stay late, won’t you?

Yep, I’m a practicing Gratitudinist.

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Another Snow Day (We’re So Over It!)

Bored kids = destroyed house. 

That’s ok, they’re playing veterinary hospital/animal shelter. Ever since we rescued Charlie, Mr. Wonderful’s new service dog from the shelter, the kids have been obsessed with animals. Making them feel better, finding them forever homes.

I love this! The seven year old drew the comparison between finding the stuffed dogs and bears and pandas forever homes and his forever home with us. He and his brother are adopted and we try to weave their stories in and through our daily life as part of an ever-changing narrative.

Something’s getting through! Not just with animal rescue but with adoption and helping animals or people when they need it. We’ve been so blessed so we should bless others.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this little one act play in my living room, but for now I’m just going to bask in its warmth.

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