Be Brave

Be brave.
This has been my mantra for part of this year. And then yesterday I’m driving through #GuthrieAmerica and there’s my motto all over this window.
What are you facing today? Do you need a little courage? Here’s the sign you were waiting for-Be Brave!

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Memorial Day

I hope that as people are enjoying a day off work or going to barbecues or swimming in pools for the first time this season they are also remembering. 


To all our fallen soldiers and their families, you are not forgotten. Your sacrifice is remembered and held dear and we salute you today.

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This is my debutante year, if you will. Yeah, I’m only about 20 years too late, I know. As those who know and love me, I’ve never been on time for much of anything so this is no surprise. This is my year of chasing my secret dream. This is the year of My Pink Champagne Life (I’m shameless, you can buy it here). This is the time I will be running after all that I’m destined to be, and I don’t run. You know it must be a big deal.

There has been a seed planted in me for a long time that I just ignored. Speaking, writing, encouraging-these were all things I dreamed of but never pursued in real life.

And now there’s a fire in my belly and one under my booty. What’s changed? It’s like any sudden epiphany: there’s not enough time. Who knows how much time I have left on this earth, how much time any of us have. And besides my children, which the jury’s still out on, there’s no other way to leave my mark on this world. Or is there?

Making a difference, spreading my light, writing words and binding them together in a book, being kind, doing good, and changing the world around me for the better are some things I can do to bookmark my life here on earth.

So I’m trying this year to be brave. Not the brave of my teens where I may have confused brave with stupid. But brave for the sake of accomplishment. A blog post I wrote to 20-somethings a few days ago here said feel the fear and do it anyway. 

So that’s what I’m doing. I wake up each day just a little terrified of how God is going to use me. He’s been pushing me waaaaaaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone. In fact, I’m no longer in the same zip code as my comfort zone. But that’s good. Discomfort is ok. It probably means I’m doing something crazy like growing or learning about myself or one of those other painful things.

I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and reminding myself to just be brave. And then to just be. 

Wanna be brave with me?

Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015