Breathing is Under-Rated

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Mr. Wonderful has asthma. This time of year breathing isn’t one of those things we take for granted.

We have inhalers stashed everywhere. We have a plan when the inhalers don’t work. We have lived with the not-breathing thing for awhile and have made modifications to our world.

Because breathing is just something most of us take for granted.

We breathe in and out, go about our daily lives. Live as if we have all the time in the world. And then something happens that knocks the wind out of us and we can’t seem to catch our breath. 

That’s when out breathing becomes labored. When we have to fight just to remember to breathe in.

If you brought some junk with you from last year–hurt, anger, bitterness, sadness, defeat, despair–maybe take a moment today to just breathe.

Remind yourself to breathe in, then breathe out. Give yourself a moment to catch your breath. And then begin to let go of those things that are already weighing you down this year.

It won’t happen overnight, so be sure to give yourself a break. It will happen one breath at a time. 

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Slow Down

It’s crunch time–for gifts, Christmas parties, work events, relatives stopping in, cooking, cleaning, end-of-year reports. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can overcome and overwhelm if we’re not careful.

Take a minute today:

For yourself.

For a loved one.

For a spouse or friend or child. 

Remember what’s important right now–not whether your house is magazine spread ready or all the lights on the tree work or if the Elf forgot to move again or of all of your shopping is done. 

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Celebrate.

Does anything else really matter? Blessings friends, I pray you find rest, peace and hope along your way today! 

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Breathe, Trust, Let Go

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How much do you trust our Creator? With your relationships? Your finances? Your children, your health, your job? 

Are you trying to control it all? Maybe today is the day you let go of some things and place them in the hands of the One who made them all.

Breathe. Trust. Let go.

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Take Care 

After being down for the count this weekend after a little surgery I had the humbling realization that I might not be Wonder Woman. 

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I might not be able to do everything for everybody all of the time. I may not be someone who can pour herself into all those around her constantly and consistently. All the time. Day after day. 

No one can.

I realized that I needed that reminder to slow down and take care of myself because I haven’t been doing very much of that lately. And it shows in my patience. And in my kindness. And in my attitude. 

 Because when all I’m doing is taking care of everyone around me at the expense of myself, everyone pays. 

So I’m going to remember to do some things for myself, even in the midst of the crazy around here. This is sort of a Bill of Rights of Self Care, if you will. 

1. I will take time for myself. Even if I don’t know how to fit it in, I will squeeze out that precious commodity of time for me. I’m worth the time, and it’s the only way I won’t crush my kids like bugs some days. 

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2. I will remember and embrace the things that made me…me. Taking time to do the things I love–like walking and being artsy and playing music and meeting girlfriends for coffee–these things bring me joy and make me feel like I am more than Mama. I love being Mama and I throw myself into it so much that I lose myself in that role sometimes. I need to do the things that remind me of who I am. 

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3. I will enjoy each moment as it comes. Each minute that passes is one I’ll never get back. With myself. With my kids. With my husband. Choosing to embrace all that is right now is a way of not getting too wrapped up in what’s going wrong but focusing on what’s going right. 

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4. I will breathe. Deeply. Before I jump into things, when I get too overwhelmed, when I need a minute to gather my thoughts, I will take a deep breath. Pause. Relax. 
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5. I will give myself a break. When it’s all falling apart, I will let myself off the hook. I will remind myself that I am a woman of faith and things are coming together and I’m doing the best I can. And when it seems to be going wrong, I’ll rely on that faith to get me through the day or hour or situation. 

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Be sure to put yourself on the To Do List–you are important, friends, and you can’t care for your loved ones unless you first take care of yourself. 

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