This weekend was a good one, despite the fact that school starts tomorrow and no one is back in our routine. Pretty sure tomorrow’s going to be more interesting than usual… 

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But this weekend I have had renewal! I have been writing and more importantly, making time for writing. I put it back in my schedule, on my radar. It feels good to be doing that again.

I got to go to church with my family–which is a huge deal. A year ago my husband couldn’t leave the house some days because of PTSD and one of its most delightful side effects: agoraphobia. Every Sunday that we all get to leave the house together and go to church as a family is special to me. This is part of how I keep my sanity and refill my tank, so to speak.

This is a big deal.

And my boys are back from their dad’s, I got to be artsy fartsy and make some curtains, and I found a new coffee shop to do some writing in.

Even though we’re all out of sorts about getting back to the grind tomorrow and I about lost my mind when I saw someone had decorated my wall with marker in multiple areas, this was a good weekend. Even when I ate too much candy in anticipation of the twenty-one day fast from sugar I started today. Even despite looking around my disaster of a house and deciding that instead of cleaning it I was going to binge-watch some Netflix in the Oasis with Mr. Wonderful.

 It’s not a perfect life I’m living. It’s messy and crazed and about the only thing that’s consistent is chaos. But when I stop and look around at the scandalous grace I am afforded every day, I can’t help but offer some to those around me. Which makes life feel a lot better than I’m sure we look on paper.  (photo cred

This weekend anchored me. Grounded me and got me thinking about how I want 2016 to go for us. And though it might go completely differently than I hope or plan for, I am anchoring myself to my faith and my family. I’m being grateful for what’s going right. I’m breathing and hoping and being ridiculously optimistic. 

I’m savoring this season of joy, for however long I get it. 

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Sweet (20)16 here we go!

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 22

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Grateful for Sundays–church, family dinners, afternoon naps, snuggling in the nest with the baby. What a great start to my week!
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Take Me to Church

I just realized we’re only a week into Lent. Sometimes I get in my weird Time Warp and it seems like either 1) I have plenty of time to cram more things in or 2) more time should have already passed because this is TAKING FOREVER.

Right now I’m in the latter Time Warp.

Has it only been seven days since I decided to actually give something up this year? A long time ago when I decided to do a lot of internal cleaning out and dusting and general spiffy-ing up, I gave up giving up things for Lent. 

I wanted to focus on the Jesus part of my faith rather than religion. I wanted to have a clearer, cleaner version of myself walking around and I honestly didn’t feel like I needed Lent to tell me what to do. In fact, at the time, I really just wanted to tell Lent to shut up and mind it’s own business.

Growing up in a mainline denomination I had always participated in Lent. Mostly half-heartedly. It was usually a grudging-give-up-something-I-barely-enjoy-even-on-the-fringe-of-my-life-and-then-at-Easter-I’ll-celebrate-getting-it-back type of participation.

I totally missed the point.

So instead of hindering myself with the whole Lent business in more recent years, I did the (Holy) baby out with the bath water thing. I figured it was less hypocritical of me.

As I grow in my spiritual walk, I realize that there are things from “organized religion” that I could use to focus myself on the approach of the Easter season. Could Lent be one of those things? I kept saying no because it felt too forced, to religion-y.

This year was different though. With all of the ways my time, my attention, my life is splintered, I needed some focus. I needed to rethink Lent.

Now I’m no expert. Either on rethinking things or on Lent. But I’m always trying to grow. And learn. And stretch myself. I want to be a better version of me. I need to be a better version of me.

So on Fat Tuesday (the day before the beginning of Lent), I decided to take a leap. And participate again in the giving up of things. Not so much as a sacrifice on my part. I mean, let’s be real-how much does God care that I’m not going to drink a Coke for 40 days? 

Sidebar: giving up Coca-Cola, which is the ultimate treat for me, has not been a barrel of laughs. But I digress.

I am doing the giving up of things for Lent as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for me. We have a great relationship, Jesus and I. He’s my brother, my best friend. And I want to be reminded of our relationship when I reach for the Coke that I can’t have.

And each time I pass it by, I’ll remember how awesome of a thing it is for someone to lay down his life for his friends.

And I will have gratitude. 

I will share grace.

And I will get that much closer to being better, getting stronger, giving more and living sweeter.

That will be how I do Lent this year.

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