Mermaid Queen

I am obsessed with all things mermaid. My daughter is convinced that we are mermaids: I am the Mermaid Queen and she is the Mermaid Princess. We swim, we love–no, we need–to be near water.

Even my name is sea-related. Meredith can mean “of the sea” or my favorite, Keeper of the Sea. 

So today, when I felt caught in the storm, when I felt like I was drowning in kids and work and responsibilities and frankly, a tinge of sadness at the transitory space my world and my family is occupying, I decided to dive deeper.

Instead of coming up for air I am retreating to the depths for some rebalancing, relaxing, renewing. And I will let the eye of the storm pass so that I may once again roam my seas a Mermaid Queen.

(Photo credit ┬ęCopyright Meredith Shafer 2015

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