I’m doing my happy dance friends! I finally got my manuscript for my second book, Mad Cow: A PTSD Love Story, to the publisher!! I feel so free…and then I remember I still have four kids and I’m supposed to be working on my third book lol😊

I still love this life though, y’all. I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do all along and even though it’s hard and there are many weeks I get run over by my Traveling Circus, I’m so grateful to be in this place.

I have had a busy and awesome week. Date night with my handsome Mr. Wonderful- 

 (Photo cred random stranger who used my phone to take our pic at dinner!)

We took our Bigs to the #TobyMac concert–it was the best show! Capital Kings, Hollyn, Building 429, and more great bands were there. We partied like rock stars! 

 (photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016)

I also got to go to our first ever Writer’s Club lunch–I’m so blessed to have these ladies to hold me accountable! 

 (photo cred another random stranger who generously agreed to take our pic)

Mr. Wonderful continued being wonderful 

 (photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016💗)

And finally, I capped off the weekend by speaking at a ladies retreat. I was so blessed to be with the beautiful ladies of Lost Creek! Thank you to all of my new friends for opening your doors and hearts to me!!! 

 (photo cred Diann Rudd)  (Photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016-don’t ask, what happens at the retreat stays at the retreat!)

I am enjoying a bit of quiet after church while everyone is either playing outside on this gorgeous day or napping. Hope y’all have a blessed, well-spent Sunday as well!💗❤️💗

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Last Weekend

I had the most amazing twenty-four hours last weekend! I flew out to Colorado to lead a ladies retreat that was supposed to bless them, give some lovely ladies much deserved rest and relaxation.

As it turns out, I was also blessed.

I’m so surprised how that worked. I spoke most of the day, helped facilitate small groups at our breakout sessions and then flew back immediately following. I should’ve been exhausted.

Instead I was exhilarated.

The ladies came to this retreat with a lot of stuff in their suitcases: relationship troubles, deaths of loved ones, job issues, sadness, regret, soul sickness.

It was not a day at the spa.

This was hard work for some of these ladies. And they stuck with it, worked through it, and left a lot of the baggage they brought with them at the retreat center when they left. Many of them walked out lighter, more determined, and more convinced than ever that they have a special place in this world that only they can fill.

And I left there wondering at a Maker who would create our beautiful surroundings, give us much needed time to discover his peace and give us hope just by being together in his presence. 


(Statue in the Mother Cabrini gardens, photo credit Meredith Shafer 2015) ©Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015)

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Mr. Wonderful just dropped me off at the airport. I’m so excited to be flying out to lead my first Ladies’ Retreat this weekend! I’ll be hanging out with some awesome ladies near Denver, Colorado.

Which leads me to my apology: I’ve seriously neglected this blog this week! I’ve been preparing for my talks, running the household, trying to do my day job. Let’s just say the Shafer Casa is in a bit of a shambles right now!

Sidebar: Kudos to Mr. Wonderful who is keeping a watchful eye on things and babies and birthday parties-at least I’ve left the shambles in good hands!

To my friend over at Part and Parcel who nominated me to do a writing exercise-I’m sorry! I meant to get to it but alas, it will have to wait. Thank you for your patience:)

And to everyone whose blogs I LOVE reading, whose words bless me everyday and whose bravery and courage give me strength-I’m so behind and I know you’re writing important things that I can’t wait to read.

But wait I must.

Because on the flight I need to be getting my heart and my mind in the place it should be to help lead women this weekend. I need to get my cheerleader spirit and energized mind organized and firing on all cylinders.

These women at this retreat will not be there by accident. So I want to make sure I’m saying exactly what I’m supposed to.

And of course, in a house brimming to the top with kids and boy funk and a sick one and a 5th grade play and speech therapy and occupational therapy and PTSD and baby diapers and science projects and laundry (oh, that darn laundry!), I couldn’t really get as ready and centered as is like to be.

So I promise I’ll do much catching up, reading, encouraging, hoping and praying for all my blog friends. I’ve missed hanging out with y’all and can’t wait until I get back.

Blessings on your weekend plans, I hope everyone has something marvelous going on!