Who Is Your Tribe?

Who are your people? Who do you surround yourself with? Are these people lifting you up, encouraging you?

Your tribe is important. Who you spend time with, who you allow into take up space in your life is critical to where you are headed. If you have goals and dreams, you better have light-givers, encouragers, destiny-builders in your circle. There has to be someone in your world who believes in all you are capable of, someone who sees all the potential inside you.You have a choice. The people in your life will either build you up or tear you down. You can’t force them to do either; what you do have control of is who you allow in.

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Let’s choose our tribes carefully. I’m trying to surround myself with people who pray, love, and bring light into my life and into the lives of everyone around them. People who challenge me to be better, who are challenging themselves as well. I love friends who make me think deeply, laugh uncontrollably, strive greatly. I’m also trying to be that for them. 

Who is with you? 

Who is not? 

To reach your God-given destiny, you need your people to be on your team. Look around: if you’re successful are they clapping? If you fail are they offering a hand up? If the answer is no to either, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate who is in your tribe-


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Life Insurance

Finding life insurance is a weird, grownup thing to do. Mr. Wonderful has always had it through the military but now his is about to run out. So we’re shopping.

Which should be fun right? I usually love me some shopping, but not this kind. It puts me in a mortgage-y adultish responsibility-coma. This is so not my area.

Who wants to think about the end of their life?

So of course, I started thinking about the end of my life. How no one really likes talking about endings but we all love beginnings. And then I remembered that I don’t believe the end of my life will truly be the end. For me, it will be the beginning of my forever with my brother, my best friend, my Jesus. And my family that’s gone before. And maybe even those babies I lost a little bit after the stick turned pink.

I don’t know how all of that will go. I’m not super concerned about those details. The things I want to get just right are the jobs I’ve been given here on this earth. 

Being a good mom, being the wife my husband needs, being a friend and encourager to those who will accept my friendship and encouragement. And to those who don’t.

The one thing I think I have kind of figured out is that the more broken we admit to being, the more places there is for God’s light to shine through. I’m so imperfect it’s laughable some days. But I’m here, I’m available to do whatever is asked of me, even if I’m not sure I can.

So I’m looking into this life insurance thing and I’m thinking. And it just seems smart to make sure I have more than enough for this journey and the next.

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