Mornings around our house are more circus-y than any other part of the day in our Traveling Circus. 

The kids apparently take after Mama-none of us are morning people. But we’re trying. 

We get up every morning in various states of cranky and happy, go through our morning-get-ready-for-school lists, and get out the door. One thing I’m really liking about our schedule this year is how our rolling start times–the thing I thought would make life more chaotic–have actually given me a space in my day where I have just enough time for a walk through my neighborhood.

I have to get up super early to have alone time and writing time and devotional time before the kids wake up super early to get on buses. But after I walk the seven year old to the bus stop, I push the baby in the stroller around our hood for about twenty minutes. This, and coffee, is what is helping to keep me sane right now.

Even though fall decided to wait a couple more weeks to show up, I’m enjoying this little stroll through my gorgeous area. There are trees and birds and dogs and peace and quiet and room for some thinking and head clearing. 

I can breathe again.

Today I’m grateful for how my mornings are shaping up. I’m grateful for rolling start times, caffeine, a baby that will just come along for the ride, kids that seem to be excited about school, a hubby whose morning times (the hardest time of day for his PTSD) seem to be improving, and a little breathing room. 

I hope you find some space in your day to breathe too. Have a blessed Thursday y’all!

(Photo credit Meredith Shafer 2015) ┬ęCopyright Meredith Shafer 2015. 

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