Be the Candle

Are you in need of some encouragement today?

One of the most amazing things about giving encouragement is that is seems to multiply and come back around. The more you give away the more you seem to get.If you are feeling lost or discouraged or worried or sad or worn out, try encouraging someone else. Start with just saying one nice, true thing to a fellow human being and see what happens. 
I’ll start: YOU are amazing! Yes, you. The one working so hard thinking no one has noticed. I have, and I’m proud of you. You’ve so got this!!!

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Bless This Mess

Maybe it’s because I’ve hit my busy time at work or we’ve started school or I’m just not in my groove yet but things are kind of a wreck around here. If you’ve been checking out my Instagram feed lately you can see a theme: big fat mess! 

 (Yesterday’s post, my actual laundry room!)

It’s ok, I own it.

I recognize at this point in my life it is just not possible for me. Well, it is, but then I would have to give up things that are important to me: Oasis time with Mr. Wonderful, family dinners, playing outside time with my kids, precious time alone.  (Snapped this adorable pic of a great big sis taking her brother for a ride)

I’m just not willing to give any of those things up for a clean house or even an organized one at this point. We are slowly but surely getting ourselves together and adapting to our new normal and that’s good enough.

We are learning to give ourselves and each other a break. And then we plow through the mess to continue making memories. For the longest time my hands were so full: of deadlines and papers, hurts and worries, To Dos and expectations. And now, even though I still have those things that must happen today to keep my family on track, I try to focus on the priorities and let everything else go. 

(Three gifts from my kids while we were playing outside-my treasures)

I am choosing to be a different kind of Supermom: I’m the one whose kids may arrive somewhat messy and loud but I bet they’ll be laughing. And Mr. Wonderful and I may not have a typical household-the Mad Cow (PTSD) makes that impossible. But we embrace the impossible around here. We do what we can do and leave the rest for tomorrow–it’ll still be there when tomorrow comes. And if we can handle tackling it then, we will.
After the last few years we’ve been through–Mr. Wonderful going kinda nuts, us finally getting a PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury) diagnoses, him getting treatment, our family learning how to cope with our new normal–the little things just don’t matter anymore. It’s amazing how your perspective can shift when you’ve seen up close and personal how bad things could be.

So we’re a mess. And I’m grateful for it. God bless this mess!

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Fab Friday

 I’ve regrouped after a rough day-it’s Friday people! Let’s go out into the world and shake things up a bit! Today can be the day you change your life, your mind, your circumstances. What are you waiting for? It’s time to go be awesome! 

Have a blessed day friends!

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It’s no accident. No coincidence. No fluke that there are certain things you love, things that you’ll lose sleep just to do them. They are the passions that make you forget to eat, make you late, haunt your waking and sleeping.

God planted those dreams, those ideas within you for a purpose. No other person will have identical seeds-what’s planted in you is up to you. You can ignore it, fill that space with other things. Stuff that doesn’t matter, doesn’t fulfill you, doesn’t make the difference you could be to the world.You can either answer the call or hang up. Open the door or close it. Live the dream or go back to sleep. You get to choose. 

And if you do nothing with it, believe me, you are making a choice.

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Monday Coffee Quote

It’s here again friends! Monday: a chance to start your week right, do things better than last week, be awesome.

Let’s get ‘er done!
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Let’s Do This!

Hello Monday!

Time for fresh starts, new mercies, needed beginnings. Time to move forward–slow or fast, by inches or miles.

It’s time to stretch your arms to the heavens, take in the beauty around you, and say thanks. Thanks for all that has been, all that is and all that will come.

Leap out of bed, let your feet hit the floor already moving, grab your cuppa Joe and then grab this day and don’t let go until you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do! #Monday #coffeeisforclosers #hitthegroundrunning #gratitude

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Thursday Inspiration


What are your secret dreams? What do you wish you were doing today? Who do you want to be?

Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from going full-throttle towards your God-given destiny. Don’t stop, don’t quit, don’t hesitate and don’t look back.

You can do this and today is the perfect day to begin!

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