I’ve been a little MIA on my blog lately. I haven’t written as much, I haven’t been to visit the other truly lovely blogs I enjoy following, I haven’t commented. I’ve missed y’all and apologize for my lackadaisical appearance here at My Pink Champagne Life!

I’ve been in full-on author mode lately. That feels weird to say, but I’ve been slacking here because of the demands of my new gig, authoring. I’ll admit I was a bit naive to the amount of work I would be doing! I’ve had several weekends of book signings in a row and I’m working on a second book that’s not even close to halfway finished even though we’re halfway through the year and a January deadline is rapidly approaching. 

And honestly, the seven year old basketball games and kid dental surgeries and arguing with the insurance company and figuring out life insurance (still) and four year old tantrums and Baby Houdini who has figured out how to let himself and the dog outside and the whole keeping-a-close-eye-on-the-eleven-year-old-who-is-growing-up-way-too-fast thing have just filled my world to the brim. 


In a good way. 

 My family is my muse. I write because they give me so many moments I want to hold on to, so many memories that I absolutely must document so I’ll remember, and so many joys that I can barely contain them.My life may be full but it is filled with my crazy. The crazy I own, that I wake up grateful for every day.  

 So I’m sorry I’ve been slacking, but these guys are so worth it! 

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Writing on Purpose

Since we’ve moved, I’m trying to find my go-to writing spot. My favorite place, Cuppies & Joe is now too far to dash away to whenever I find myself with a bit of time to write.

So I’m auditioning writing spots. Today’s is an epic fail. With four kids underfoot all the time, I need a place with a relaxed vibe, good coffee, a comfy place to sit. The coffee shop I’m in today is for people much cooler than I am. And probably younger.

I’m sitting on a hard metal bench listening to techno music while sipping tea. This is all wrong for me! For some, again those more hip and awesome than the likes of me, this would probably be writing nirvana.


Sidebar: however is just a fancy schmancy way of saying but. I like to throw it in every once in awhile to convince you I’m an authentic writer.

For me I can barely think writerly thoughts. My mind keeps getting caught up in the loop of the nonsensical words and techno beat. Pretty soon my writing is just going to look like beep beep boop. (Nod to there.)


I have to find my spot quickly. I’m supposed to be working on the follow up book to My Pink Champagne Life with a finished manuscript by, oh, January-ish, and my muse, my mojo and my main writing area are missing! Anyone seen my mojo?

Here’s the thing I would encourage all writers with however (there’s that fancy but again): write anyway. Write even when the place is wrong. The words won’t come. The time is short. The To Do List is long. The kids are home. The coffee is cold. The Internet is down. The laundry is calling.

Write when you don’t feel like it and write when you do. Write as if your fingers are on fire. Write when you’re sick and when you’re well and when you feel as if you have nothing to write about.

I promise you this: if you get in the habit of writing no matter what, eventually you will end up with usable words on a page that can turn your dreams and hopes and promises to yourself into that book or article or story that you were meant to write. That only you can tell.

My only advice to writers is the same advice I give to my three year old: 

Use. Your. Words.

Copyright Meredith Shafer 2015