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Deadlines are usually mushy concepts to me. Mr. Wonderful says I get in this creative Time Warp thing and it’s rare that I emerge from it at the precise time I’m supposed to.
My second book is “supposedly” arriving at the publisher in about two weeks…probably….

Never in my life have I found so many other things that needed to be done as when I’m on a deadline: cleaning the ceiling fan, clearing out the lint trap for the dryer, organizing the office, filing. 


I may need an intervention. 

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Writer’s Blah

With January rapidly approaching and my sophomore effort at being an author not even close to finished, I’m way too Zen to be this far from my goal. 

I should be more nervous.

I don’t even have writer’s block–I have writer’s blah. Nothing I’m writing–when I even write–seems to be too terrific. My Internal Editor is in full force and effect and she is loud. And demanding. And annoying. She hasn’t made an appearance for awhile and she chooses now to show up?

I’m so over her.

In my procrastinating–which many artists, dreamers, writer’s and creative types will tell you is a necessary part of the process–I’ve come up with my Top 7 Ways to Avoid Writing Altogether. 

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1. Clean stuff. I loathe cleaning but when I’m under the gun it sure seems like I have a cleaning emergency. This week alone I have finished my girly Harry Potter under the stairs closet and started going through kids’ clothes to donate. Who is this woman and what has she done with my domestically challenged self?! 

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2. Writing on my blog. I have been so neglectful of my blog this fall and now it seems I’m brimming with ideas. I can’t stop. Someone help me.

3. Cleaning out my email inbox. Why oh why do several of my procrastination techniques involve cleaning? It must be a sickness. And why can’t I just do this all the time?

4. Checking new releases on Netflix. Yep, if I’m already “working” in my jammie pants and am burrowed into the nest in our bed and I’m tired of cleaning out my inbox I tend to need to see what’s new on Netflix. It’s all about being at the forefront of trends. 

Because that will help me write. 

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5. Drinking coffee. You wouldn’t think drinking coffee would help my procrastination…but it does. I can tell myself to linger over a cup of liquid sanity in the stillness of the morning before everyone’s awake like no one’s business. Or tell myself just one more cup. Because if you’re not shaky it’s not enough coffee.  

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Speaking of, I think I’ll grab another cuppa joe while I procrastinate finishing this list of procrastination techniques… 

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13 (a little bit late)

I’m grateful I live in a country where I have access to health care. And I’m grateful for my husband’s sacrifices in his military career that provide me and our family with insurance.

And for Netflix and my parents watching my kiddos while I recover. And Mr. Wonderful for making sure I got home safely and have been fed during my recovery.  

 I’m blessed beyond measure.

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Procrastinators Unite…Maybe Tomorrow

Confession time: I am a classic procrastinator. As if you didn’t know😉

If I’m not interested in the thing in supposed to be doing, I procrastinate by watching copious amounts of Netflix with Mr. Wonderful, painting my nails, blogging, Instagramming, and (gasp!) cleaning. And y’all know I am not fond of cleaning. Sometimes I just need the pressure of a deadline squeezing me from all sides to finish things.  

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But sometimes I wait so long that the squeezing becomes untenable. And the deadline looms like a black cloud and I just shut down.

Ladies and gents, I’m may be there. I’m not sure though because I’m procrastinating taking a hard look at things around here.

I’m procrastinating some of my day job stuff. I’m procrastinating writing. And laundry. Stupid laundry! This should tell you how desperate things have become at my house in the laundry realm–this is my second post today that mentions laundry. 

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Are y’all super-organized-early-arriving-get-everything-done-two-weeks-before-it’s-due types? If so, color me impressed. And shoot me some ideas about how to get organized. 

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If you’re a procrastinator like me, how do you bust out of the procrastinating in time to get stuff done?  

I know sometimes creative types like myself have troubles in this area. This knowledge further fuels my procrastinating because I tell myself this is normal. Also there’s the whole four kids and caregiving for my hubby that I sometimes use as an excuse to let things go. 

And if we’re being really honest, because this is just between us, sometimes I feel like since I’m a grownup now, I have days where I just don’t feel like adulting. Or being responsible.  

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Today is a day where adulting feels slightly beyond my grasp. I think I may see what’s on Netflix… 

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Today was weird. Started out rainy and gloomy, which means this Mama had trouble starting her day. Mr. Wonderful ran out and got doughnuts which, I’ll admit, did help turn my morning around. Good man, that one.

Prior to this though, the fiery red-headed three year old had woken me up in the middle of the night to inform me that her “pillow was broken.” If you wake me out of a deep sleep a body part better be hanging the wrong way because I. Will come. Unglued.

And she woke me by standing next to my bed and whispering in her creepiest voice. This did not compute in the deep of night. Her pillow is broken, my brain kept saying. At the time I couldn’t grasp that her pillow case had come off, a true 3:00 am emergency.

I suppose the lack of sleep and strange weather were somewhat to blame for my funkiness. And not the cool Uptown kind I’m always hearing Bruno Mars and his pals sing about. 

Also, this afternoon I had a book signing at a lovely bookstore where they forgot to put me on the calendar! Which meant no publicity and people avoiding my table like I had the plague or was selling Amway (if you sell Amway, I don’t avoid your tables. I’m just using this as an example.) Thanks for helping me stay humble I’ll-call-you-unnamed-bookstore-since-you-felt-so-bad-you-invited-me-back-for-a-big-publicized-to-do! 

Lovely sidebar: I got to catch up with my former youth minister from high school so it was well worth the trip.

Then we went bowling for our oldest son’s Gotcha Day. For the uninitiated, this is the day this awesome kid was handed over to me in an airport 11 years ago. It’s like his birth into our family, and since I didn’t get to be there for his actual birth, this day’s pretty special. 

Technically this day is Monday but since it’s a school day we decided to celebrate today when we would have more time. (More on Gotcha Days in another post.)

As we were leaving the bowling alley I could just feel Mr. Wonderful’s tension mounting. I’m somewhat of an emotional barometer these days. I can feel when something’s building.

It wasn’t a bad building, increasing to the point of no return. Because I could feeling it coming I was able to give him a break and take over kid duties like bath time and bedtime. And we were able to just hang out in our Oasis and watch Netflix.

This is usually heaven for me. But when I can feel the tension and anxiety and his desire to tussle bubbling towards the surface, it makes  me feel what he’s feeling. I’m like a freakin’ human emoticon. I usually love being able to intuit and read people and really empathize with them. But I hate when it’s Mr. Wonderful going through stuff. It’s hard to feel his suffering.

I really wanted to say, hey! PTSD, give us a break today! I’ve had it with you and I’m kicking you out. Show your face around here again and I’ll get Mr. Wonderful to kick your…yeah, that’s right. Run away! (Fist shaking here.) 

So it’s all weirdness and I find myself up in the Danger Zone (aka Kid Area) writing things and listening to their untroubled kid sighs. I love listening to them sleep. Their little yawns and sounds and sometimes even laughter (I have two that tend to laugh in their sleep) make me smile through my tiredness and remember it’s all gonna be ok. 

Tomorrow is a new day with new mercies waiting for all of us like an unwrapped gift. 

Thank God.

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5 Things I Love About Today

Went to an event that helps Veterans like Mr. Wonderful wind their way through the labyrinth that is government and military benefits. Awesome and emotionally exhausting! So I’m keepin’ it real and keepin’ it short:

Here’s my gratitude list for the day:

-grateful for Mr. Wonderful’s service and sacrifice to our country. He volunteered to do a hard, scary and sometimes thankless job. I’m so grateful for him and all of our other soldiers, past and present, who have done this hard thing.

-binge-watching on Netflix:)

-our little girl in a houseful of brothers. She likes to come in our room and hang out with me and Mr. Wonderful when her older brothers are gone and the baby’s asleep. I love snuggling with her; plus this way I know she’s not coloring in her face with markers.

-I am falling in love with blogging! It’s so good to brain dump and its helping me get back into my rhythm. Find my mojo. Feel like a writer again. It makes me excited about writing my next book, a thing that’s been hanging over my head as just another thing on my To Do List. Now I’m feeling the stirring to write, even if it’s utter crap at first. Write it, and it will come.

-tomorrow is only Sunday. That means I still have some weekend left. And a whole new day full of possibility and promise. 

Happy Saturday night, don’t forget to spring forward!

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