Gifts and Blessings

I’m always amazed when people take time out of their days to bless me. Whether it’s a friend sending a text at exactly the right time or an email checking on me, lunch or meeting for coffee, it always seems to come at the right time. 

 (photo cred the WoW style)

Giving these gifts–big or small–requires a sacrifice of some sort. Maybe time or effort or just looking beyond one’s self to see who needs to be blessed. In a world of selfish behavior and looking out for #1, I find this gift-giving so refreshing. To be on either the giving or recieving end is a blessing.

Every time someone reaches out and does something spectacularly selfless, I not only fill up with squishy gooeyness on the inside, but it spurs me on to do the same. To pass it on and pay it forward. This week I recieved a very personal gift, and it required a sacrifice of time and lots of talent. My friend Linda gave me a portrait of my family that she drew. 

 (photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016)

This wasn’t just something she whipped up. It took time away from her busy schedule as a teacher, mama and grandma. She had to study the original, outline us, color us in. Every detail was tended to, from eye color to the cover of my book– 

 (original-photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016)

So I ask: who can you bless today? Who needs your time or talents or kind words or smile? Who needs some encouragement? I dare say there are several people in your world that could use some of that stuff. Encouragement and hope are powerful seeds to plant inside someone–take a moment today to look around and see who you can bless. 

And if your are in need yourself, see what happens when you encourage someone else. It’s amazing how it will come back to you–

 (photo cred

Now go, be blessed and be a blessing!

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served! I am proud to be an Army wife, and my dad and both of my grandpas also served in the military. Thank you to all of our friends who served and/or are serving as well!! Though we should be grateful every day for our freedoms secured by our vets, take time today to shake a hand or buy a meal or do something to say thanks in a big way. They’re more than worth it–  (Photo credit Marko Marcello) ┬ęCopyright Meredith Shafer 2015

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Happy 4th of July

For those of us stateside today is a day for barbeques, fireworks and swimming pools. It’s a holiday to celebrate how awesome our country still is and how we’ve still got lots of great thing a going on. 

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For some military families it means another holiday celebrated separately. One is deployed and the other is keeping the Homefront running smoothly.

For military families like ours, we’re just trying to survive. We didn’t know when we moved to our new home last year that our county was one that allows the shooting of fireworks. Apparently at any time. Even in our neighborhood.

So for three weeks now we’ve battened down the hatches and tried to distract the guy who gets triggered pretty good by fireworks-they sound an awful lot like gunshots and explosions. Which take Mr. Wonderful right back to his time overseas. Which was both some of his best times with his band of brothers and some of his worst.

So we have a sign in our window, not because we don’t want people to celebrate, but because we want people to remember the reason there’s celebration in the first place and how so many have sacrificed for the freedoms we celebrate today. 

Sign furnished free of charge by you!

We love America. Or ‘Merica. We appreciate our freedoms provided to us by people who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We celebrate, we barbeque, we may even go for a swim. 

(Photo credit

But we won’t be shooting off any fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July y’all!

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Memorial Day

I hope that as people are enjoying a day off work or going to barbecues or swimming in pools for the first time this season they are also remembering. 


To all our fallen soldiers and their families, you are not forgotten. Your sacrifice is remembered and held dear and we salute you today.

(Photo credit ┬ęCopyright Meredith Shafer 2015