Snow Day

By 5:00 am we knew what lay in store for us-a SNOW DAY!!

When I was a kid these were the two best words in the English language. It meant alternating playing outside til your extremities were frozen with warming up by drinking hot chocolate filled to the top with teeny marshmallows. We would read books, maybe play a little Atari, and pray for more snow days. You might even dare your little brother to lick a metal object outside. (Photo cred A Christmas Story)

Now, as a mama who works from home and has been trapped, uh, enjoying her four children over the Christmas Break, is it wrong that I’m no longer as enamored with the Snow Day?

I’m just being real here, friends. Surely I’m not alone. I know for the rest of the day I’ll be seeing posts about the Pinterest Moms who are making origami dinnerware and weaving their own clothes with their kids, using their time wisely during this snow day but that’s just not me. We will be barely maintaining our grip on sanity and reality as we make our way through the Snow Day.(photo cred someecards)

Oh Snow Day, why today? The day I needed to go into my real office and handle two separate fires? The day after only one day in school so there goes the routine. The day I don’t even have teeny tiny marshmallows for cocoa and haven’t been on Pinterest in far too long.

I hear the sounds of children stirring, my only plan at this point is to let them all drink coffee and milk in their jammies and watch some cartoons til I get a better plan….(photo cred

Happy Snow Day friends, pray for me!💗

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Another Snow Day (We’re So Over It!)

Bored kids = destroyed house. 

That’s ok, they’re playing veterinary hospital/animal shelter. Ever since we rescued Charlie, Mr. Wonderful’s new service dog from the shelter, the kids have been obsessed with animals. Making them feel better, finding them forever homes.

I love this! The seven year old drew the comparison between finding the stuffed dogs and bears and pandas forever homes and his forever home with us. He and his brother are adopted and we try to weave their stories in and through our daily life as part of an ever-changing narrative.

Something’s getting through! Not just with animal rescue but with adoption and helping animals or people when they need it. We’ve been so blessed so we should bless others.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this little one act play in my living room, but for now I’m just going to bask in its warmth.

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