Lazy Dayz

I’m enjoying a Saturday with coffee and nowhere to be. I’m loving the roaring fire and the fact that I’m still in my jammies. I am not even going to glance at my To Do list. 

 (Photo cred

We get so busy hurrying and scurrying that we barely make a space in our lives to take a breath sometimes. That kind of pace can’t be sustained, at least not by the likes of me.

I hear my kids jumping around upstairs, I should probably check on the baby as I’ve lost my visual and he’s the kid who does this: 

 (photo cred Meredith Shafer 2016.)

Now you see why I have trouble getting anywhere on time and why I buy only washable marker. 

How cute is he even when he’s a mess???

Enjoying some breathing time today, how about you? How can you un-busy your world to enjoy what’s happening right this minute?

Have a blessed Saturday friends!

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Saturday Coffee

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There’s nothing like Saturday coffee. 

Nowhere to rush off to (yet), no one needing to remember homework or school lunch or work to finish up. 
Just endless cups of love and warmth to fill my belly…
Life is good. Happy Saturday y’all! (Photo cred

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I was sick the first part of this weekend so I feel like I need another day–anyone else need one as well?!?

I’m just now feeling up to tackling my weekend projects, like laundry and a few work things and refinishing an old desk. Not sure it’s as realistic goal to get all those done today…especially since church, lunch and grocery shopping will take up my morning.  (Photo cred

So I’m drinking coffee to try and get a handle on today. I’ll let you know how that goes.(Photo cred

While I’m waiting for my coffee to kick in, here’s my gratitude list for the day: 

-a beautiful roof over my head

-plenty of food (well, after I go grocery shopping)

-a good job that has the flexibility to let me be here for my family

-plenty of coffee (I ran out yesterday and it was a difficult morning to say the least, so I’m super grateful that Mr. Wonderful picked some up when I wasn’t feeling well.)

-naps, Christmas movies, and pajamas all day (pretty much yesterday)

-healthy kids

-a sweet husband who is doing the best he can every day to get better

Have a blessed, well-spent and refreshing Sunday y’all! (Photo cred
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Fabulous Friday!

How I look when I wake up and realize it’s FRIDAY!!!   (Photo credit ┬ęCopyright Meredith Shafer 2015

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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Mr. Wonderful just dropped me off at the airport. I’m so excited to be flying out to lead my first Ladies’ Retreat this weekend! I’ll be hanging out with some awesome ladies near Denver, Colorado.

Which leads me to my apology: I’ve seriously neglected this blog this week! I’ve been preparing for my talks, running the household, trying to do my day job. Let’s just say the Shafer Casa is in a bit of a shambles right now!

Sidebar: Kudos to Mr. Wonderful who is keeping a watchful eye on things and babies and birthday parties-at least I’ve left the shambles in good hands!

To my friend over at Part and Parcel who nominated me to do a writing exercise-I’m sorry! I meant to get to it but alas, it will have to wait. Thank you for your patience:)

And to everyone whose blogs I LOVE reading, whose words bless me everyday and whose bravery and courage give me strength-I’m so behind and I know you’re writing important things that I can’t wait to read.

But wait I must.

Because on the flight I need to be getting my heart and my mind in the place it should be to help lead women this weekend. I need to get my cheerleader spirit and energized mind organized and firing on all cylinders.

These women at this retreat will not be there by accident. So I want to make sure I’m saying exactly what I’m supposed to.

And of course, in a house brimming to the top with kids and boy funk and a sick one and a 5th grade play and speech therapy and occupational therapy and PTSD and baby diapers and science projects and laundry (oh, that darn laundry!), I couldn’t really get as ready and centered as is like to be.

So I promise I’ll do much catching up, reading, encouraging, hoping and praying for all my blog friends. I’ve missed hanging out with y’all and can’t wait until I get back.

Blessings on your weekend plans, I hope everyone has something marvelous going on!