My Recipe for a Great Day

Coffee. Copious amounts of coffee.

A great pair of shoes. Preferably leopard print. 

Cute kids having fun.

Unexpected blessings.

Healthy dose of laughter.

Old family photos.

Hot summer sun.

Swings, grass, the sound of a lazy wasp buzzing in the background. 

Mix all ingredients well, until the memories are firmly set. Place in your heart to let it simmer. Take it out anytime you need to remember how sugar-sweet life can be when you bite into its juicy, rich center.

What’s your recipe? 

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Tackling Monday

Mondays and mornings are rough at our Casa. I’ve decided to do my best to tackle them with gusto though! This combats my reluctance to get out of bed if I work on my attitude and make them something to look forward to instead of dread.

How do I do this?

I have to trick myself. I get coffee prepped the night before, and I put something awesome in my calendar.

Today for instance, it’s Monday and Mr. Wonderful is driving so he’s gone today and my boys are at their dad’s and I had to go to the dentist. Not my favorite day.

So I promised myself that I would take time for me today. The Littles are at Mom’s Day Out and after the dentist I headed  straight to my new little writing place, ordered a cup of Joe, and have spent time working, writing, relaxing, breathing, getting caffeinated, being grateful and immersing myself in the comfort of this couch and coffee.

I’m celebrating Monday! Embracing this day as a brand new start to the week.

What are you doing for yourself to give yourself a Friday feeling this Monday? 


Baby Boy loves his Big Brother! I’m also looking at pictures of my babies since two of them are gone-I love these guys so much! 

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I may not get my entire To Do List done. Ever.

I may not be the best at cleaning or organizing or even remembering where things are.

But when I look at my kids playing together, I realize none of that other stuff matters.

Not one bit. 

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Dear Tuesday, Why Do You Feel Like Monday?

Tuesday, why aren’t you more cooperative like your Friday cousin? Why can’t you at least be more like Thursday, the docile one?
Or even like Wednesday, whose claim to fame is being Hump Day?

No, you have to try and be like Monday and frankly, I’ve had it with you! Either shape up, or I’m going to have to see about replacing you. 

Maybe with a Friendsday or a perhaps a Vacationday.

You have til the end of business today to get your act together.




(Most accurate selfie ever: me hiding behind a coffee cup while Baby King surveys his kingdom from his perch on high. Once he’s done with his royal breakfast, he loves to watch his loyal subjects hustle and bustle, getting ready for a day in serfdom, uh, school. And I, his humble servant, grab a quick cuppa Joe.)

Happy Tuesday!

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Happy Hump Day (and Tax Day😁)

You made it to Wednesday-congratulations!


(Photo credit Vintager on

And if you live in America, it’s Tax Day-good luck and may God have mercy on your soul!


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Work From Home They Said

Can I tell you how much I love my day job? I’m the Director of a foundation that gives grants to organizations in our metro area that help the most underserved, forgotten and abused populations of our community. I get to see beautiful things happen every week in the most broken areas of our city. Things that restore my hope and faith. In God and in humans.

I’ve been doing this job for over a decade and it never ceases to amaze me the capacity that some have for service to others. Hugs, food, clothing, prayer, shelter, time, faith, joy and love are just some of the things I’ve witnessed passed from one person to another.

Did I mention I love my job?

On the days where I’m not out and about watching miracles and moments and mission happen, I’m working from home. With two of our four kids underfoot. Who just happen to be three and one.

After having had a succession of three year olds in my house I now know that this is the one to keep your eye on.

In my experience, the three year old is the one who floods your bathroom. Who fingerpaints an entire room with five tubes of fingerpaint you didn’t even know you had the day before you put your house in the market. Who gets stuck at the top of the stairs when they climbed the OUTSIDE of it.

In fact, just during the writing of this post I had to stop and clean up a 120 pack of wipes the current three year old had freed one by one from the package because they were “butterflies.” All over the living room.

I’m so grateful that my board of directors allows me the luxury of working from home. It’s amazing that I don’t have to punch a clock or commute into an office or have someone looking over my shoulder constantly. I could not be more grateful.

I’m finding that I just have to be much more creative with how and when I get my actual work done. Nap times, early mornings, bedtimes and times when Mr. Wonderful can corral the crazy are my optimum work times. This may be unconventional, and it certainly takes some getting used to, but it’s working for our family.

And when I’m home working, my background noise is often, as it is right this second, the sound of kids laughing. As they dump out a 100 piece army soldier set and throw them at each other. Especially the one year old-he seems to really enjoy this.

So my home office is a wreck and now my living room is too. But I will get some work done, then I will play with my munchkins for a bit before nap time. 

And I think, though this time is hard and weird and a giant mess of kid chaos most of the time, that I will look back on this as one of the highlights of my life. I think I will have hindsight to show me that the gift of both working from home and my kids being in the midst of it, was something very special.

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